Heck Raiser!

Dottie can't get enough of the fidget spinners!
Dottie can’t get enough of the fidget spinners! She was told this one offers the furthest reaches of unearthly pleasure … with some strings attached! :)


Dottie - Dibs!
You never have to worry about that awkward “do you want the last slice” conversation when Dottie is around!

Dottie – Rock out with your smock out!!!

Rock out with your smock out to the Distillers!

This is Dottie! She stays up late on school nights rockin’ out to the Distillers ’cause she doesn’t give a $%&*!

A new Nottie Dottie Comic drops every Tuesday so … See you next Tuesday! :)

The Best Thing Ever … ?

Stick with it till the end. Trust me. :)

Ol’ Man Logan Suits Up For One Last Ride

If you are a comic book or sci-fi fan, and if you haven’t seen it yet … do yourself a flavor and checkout Logan!
Logan - I ain't got time for Deadpool, bub!

Give Crime The Bird

What uh … What’cha Got There?!?

Oh Brother!

B.B. encounters hulkamania for the 1st time …

“I’ve become kind of emotionally attached to my duck dragons”

Diablo, Zelda, Borderlands … you name it, it all started here! Adventure was my favorite game as a kid on the Atari 2600 and is still a fun game today. It may not have the name recognition of Pac-Man, Space Invaders, or Donkey Kong, but it’s just as important in the history of video games.

Checkout this excellent postmortem with creator Warren Robbinett:

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Happy Holidays!