The Best Thing Ever … ?

Stick with it till the end. Trust me. :)

Ol’ Man Logan Suits Up For One Last Ride

If you are a comic book or sci-fi fan, and if you haven’t seen it yet … do yourself a flavor and checkout Logan!
Logan - I ain't got time for Deadpool, bub!

Give Crime The Bird

What uh … What’cha Got There?!?

Oh Brother!

B.B. encounters hulkamania for the 1st time …

“I’ve become kind of emotionally attached to my duck dragons”

Diablo, Zelda, Borderlands … you name it, it all started here! Adventure was my favorite game as a kid on the Atari 2600 and is still a fun game today. It may not have the name recognition of Pac-Man, Space Invaders, or Donkey Kong, but it’s just as important in the history of video games.

Checkout this excellent postmortem with creator Warren Robbinett:

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Happy Holidays!

When Hipsters Ruled the World!


I'm With Herm

Visual Jazz