My take on Mad Max: Fury Road

Let me start by stating that I’ve never watched a movie that made everything that came before it seem so quaint. This movie is the reason that there are movies.

It’s been thirty years since we’ve had a new Mad Max movie and Fury Road is way beyond Thunder Dome! The title Fury Road is a nod to the star of the film, Charlize Theron’s Furiousa. In this installment Max is more of a McGuffin than the reluctant hero his been played as in the series’ past. He’s still the bad ass we know and love but this time around he’s ridin’ shotgun.

Fury Road takes everything in the Mad Max universe (and incorporates quite a few things that are heavily inspired by that universe – ‘looking at you Fall Out and Borderlands) and cranks them all to eleven … and a half! Director George Miller took Lord Humungus’ mic and dropped it at Steven Spielberg’s feet. Remember that exciting truck scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark? It now looks like it belongs in Driving Miss Daisy!

Fury Road borrows heavily (in a good way) from the previous Mad Max movies. The main villain, Immortan Joe, could easily be seen as Lord Humungus’s future self, had he not died in The Road Warrior. He’s even played by Hugh Keays-Byrne, the same actor that played original Mad Max villain, Toe Cutter. Immortan Joe’s army, the warboys’ look is styled after Scrooloose from Beyond Thunderdome. Joe’s son, Rictus Erectus is a near analog to The Road Warrior’s Wez. Everything has a familiar vibe about it but It’s so cranked up and fun that it still feels new and refreshing.

Some miscellaneous thoughts before I go: Tom Hardy’s (he may be this generation’s Christopher Lambert by the way) take on Max was interesting. It really added another dimension that Mel Gibson’s Max was lacking. Furiousa is a strong enough character to warrant a spinoff.

Pros: Tremendous action, over-the-top characters (Immortan Joe looks like the result of Rob Zombie and Danzig getting together and having their dream baby), compelling performances, and crazy, crazy action (did I already mention action?)

Cons: Where do you go from here? Some of the effects looked too cg.

My Take: 8 out 8 V8’s!