Howdy folks! Believe it or not, back in the day, MTV was a champion of low brow pop media, that and they actually played music videos throughout the day … I know, crazy right? The swan song of that era was a tiny, tiny sock puppet show called Sifl and Olly that featured big, big talent.

Created by the criminally under-appreciated Liam Lynch (whom you can think of as a skinny, talented version of Jack Black) and Matt Crocco, Sifl and Olly was the bookend that closed out 90’s slacker-dom that The Higgins Boys and Grubber opened. To me, the show embodied everything that was silly, fun, and weird about the 90’s and I regard it as an ancestral precursor to Rick and Morty (currently the best show on TV!)

I have a tough time describing Sifl and Olly the show … there were a lot of songs and non-sequiturs … a lot of short gags with cheaply made puppets and purposely cheesy graphics. I stumbled onto this clip over Thanksgiving from an episode that I’d never seen. I can’t believe I never knew this song existed! I think it exemplifies what made Sifl and Olly so great. The silly indie charm that’s missing from media these days. I must have watched the clip 10 times that day and I wanted to share it with you!

(Just a heads up, this clip contains some “salty” language of the Ron Burgundy variety. Tame by today’s standards but you probably don’t want to blast it at work … if that is your lot in life …)

p.s. Researching this piece I discovered that Sifl and Olly live on at Liam Lynch’s podcast, Lynchland!