A couple of weeks ago I discovered the joys and pains of the highly addictive digital card game Hearthstone by the fantasy wizards at Blizzard Entertainment! From the exhilaration of winning with dragons to the bitter lows of having a Ice Block extend the game one more turn only to get your face burned off with a fireball! From the super cool, pop culture referencing V-07-TR-0N to those filthy, toxic, dirtbag, face hunters. The OP wonders of Dr. Boom and his Boom Bots and the cruel twists of fates of the RNG (that’s the Random Number Goddess to you and me.)

And the cards, all those glorious cards! I gotta get all the cards!!! I plunked down for a 40 pack in my journey to catch the metaphorical dragon. Here’s the video of me opening all 40 packs. There’s some ultra rare legendaries in there so check’em out! If you stick around till the end, you’ll even see Roy made up like Grom Hellscream!