Deadpool Movie Review

Let me start by saying I think Deadpool sucks. At least the concept of characters like Deadpool suck. They are cheap, hacky spoofs, for lazy writers that appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Marvel’s Deadpool, the character, never should have happened. And when he did happen, he never should have lasted. Deadpool is an unapologetic ripoff of the DC character Deathstroke. (So much so that Deadpool’s alter-ego is named Wade Wilson instead of Deathstroke’s name of Slade Wilson.) Debuting in 1991, Deadpool was “created” by writer Fabian Nicieza and “drawer” Rob Liefeld. If you were reading comics in ’91, you know this was a dark time of style over substance with half of the industry basically ripping off Todd McFarlane of Spider-Man and later Spawn fame. There was nobody worse artistically and more financially successful at doing so than Liefeld. His characters were full of massive guns, laughably disproportionate anatomy, and pouches … so many pouches. Rob can’t draw hands or feet, or humans or much of anything really, but boy oh boy, can he draw pouches! Big pouches, little pouches, pouches that go around a leg, pouches that go around an arm … (the entire animal population of Australia can’t compete with all of Liefeld’s pouches!)

So you have a character that is a near carbon clone of another company’s popular character, drawn poorly, by a notoriously hacky “drawer”, given the most popular power and most popular trait of the two most popular characters at Marvel (Wolverine’s mutant healing factor and Spider-Man’s famous in-battle snark), and pouches galore! Deadpool is the poster child of perhaps comics most creatively bankrupt periods and somehow, he got a movie made about him … and it’s FLIPPIN’ AWESOME!

To honor the opening scene of the movie, I won’t list or write about any individual performances. But I will tell you that it’s 108 minutes of R rated sex, violence, and pop culture jokes … mostly about sex … and violence … but sometimes about Hugh Jackman. It’s a post-post modern masterpiece, the Citizen Kane of the Family Guy generation. Plus it has a CG Colossus in it for more than two lines of dialog. That’s a record for him! Go see it, you’ll have fun!

4 out of 5 moments!