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Batman v. Superman v. Good Taste

The last live action DC movie I genuinely like is 1980’s Superman 2. In my opinion, the Burton/Schumacher movies went from stylized-cheese to campy-garbage. The “real world” take of the “Nolanverse” is boring and mediocre. And Warner Bros. insistence on trying to make Superman dark and edgy like Batman is just plain dumb and shows that the producers don’t know/or care about the source material (big surprise, I know.)

So I had very low expectations when I heard they were making a Batman v. Superman movie. And when I saw the trailer … I really had low expectations. (And then when I saw the Captain America : Civil War trailer, I felt really bad for DC fans.)

I figured I’d still see Bats v. Supes and do a review for Totally Rainbow. I bought all of the movie tie-in Lego sets to use in the review and even posted an effects laden Lego Superman photo that I created on my Instagram account in anticipation of the movie. Sure, I thought the movie would be a watchable waste of time but I really hoped I was wrong. But after seeing the hilarious video below though … turns out I wasn’t. Ben Affleck, “KNEEL before Zod!” :)

10 Cloverfield Lane – SPOILER FREE Mini Review

It would be difficult to do an in-depth review of 10 Cloverfield Lane without major spoilers so I’m just going to do a spoiler free mini review.

10 Cloverfield Lane poses a simple question to the audience: Would you rather be trapped in a safe underground bunker with a SUPER CREEPERS John Goodman or do you think he’s lying and risk it on the surface world after a possible nuclear/chemical attack with deadly fallout and maybe zombies or aliens…? If any part of that question intrigues you, I definitely recommend this move!

Who Wants Some Hooch?!?

We’re looking for a new mascot here at Does “Hooch” have what it takes? Find out in my new animated short “Mascot Mayhem!”

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