Captain America 3 movie review

Captain America 3 is finally out in theaters in the states and not since the original Anchorman has the silver screen captured such an epic donnybrook (yeah, I went there …)! And it really did get outta hand fast. Wait a minute … Paul Rudd was in that movie too … It’s all coming together … Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, Twizzlers, and/or gallon of Coca-Cola I drank in the theater talking, but the universe is starting to make sense … The Coca-Cola isn’t talking about the Marvel Universe … It’s talking about the one we supposedly inhabit … The pieces are all falling into place … Kevin Bacon …

Anyways, Captain America : Civil War is comic book nerd nirvana. It promised awesome and it delivered AWESOME! Do yourself a favor and go see it :)!

My Rating:
30 out of 32 perfect teeth!