I found a new podcast that I want to share!

You may or may not know, the cult classic TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 is being rebooted (Yay! I’m a massive MST3K fan by the by.) Recently MST3K creator Joel Hodgson hired Elliot Kalan, formerly of Daily Show fame, to be the Head Writer in the reboot. Misties were hailing the news and touting Kalan’s participation on The Flop House Podcast to prove his movie riffing bona fides.

I’d never heard of Kalan or the Podcast so I checked it out … It’s AMAZING! Dan McCoy (Producer/Co-Host), Elliott Kalan (Co-Host), and Stuart Wellington (Co-Host) pick a movie that flopped in the theater (either critically or financially) and describe the plot to the listener all the while, riffing and cracking jokes. Since it’s an audio only podcast so it’s like a theater-of-the-mind version of MST3K. It’s laugh-out-loud funny and a such a treat to listen to.

They’ve been doing this podcast for years at this point and they have over 200 episodes to checkout. I recommend episode #100 Tango and Cash and episode #200 Dan Aykroyd’s fever dream, Nothing But Trouble. Such great episodes!

So do yourself a favor and checkout the original peaches, you can thank me later! :) http://www.flophousepodcast.com

Bonus link: Here’s a song made from audio clips of the show (which maybe the greatest song ever!) Rocket Crocodile In The World Of Tomorrow – Auto-tune by Jason Michael MacIsaac and Village Sound