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Heck Raiser!

Dottie can't get enough of the fidget spinners!
Dottie can’t get enough of the fidget spinners! She was told this one offers the furthest reaches of unearthly pleasure … with some strings attached! :)

Dottie – Rock out with your smock out!!!

Rock out with your smock out to the Distillers!

This is Dottie! She stays up late on school nights rockin’ out to the Distillers ’cause she doesn’t give a $%&*!

A new Nottie Dottie Comic drops every Tuesday so … See you next Tuesday! :)

Ol’ Man Logan Suits Up For One Last Ride

If you are a comic book or sci-fi fan, and if you haven’t seen it yet … do yourself a flavor and checkout Logan!
Logan - I ain't got time for Deadpool, bub!

Sunny’s Day at the Spa!

Spinning along the Catherine Wheel …

A few years back I looked into comicbooking as a career. The more I found out about the industry, the less I thought it was a good fit for me. Here’s a piece I did back then as a style / materials experiment. On the left is the original india ink drawing. On the right is the drawing composited over a watercolor wash. I liked how it turned out so much I’ve had this image on the homepage of my site for a couple of years now … :).

Catherine_Wheel image
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Coming Soon … or Never???

Spacer - coming soon...