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What the 90’s Were Like … Sifl and Olly Edition

Howdy folks! Believe it or not, back in the day, MTV was a champion of low brow pop media, that and they actually played music videos throughout the day … I know, crazy right? The swan song of that era was a tiny, tiny sock puppet show called Sifl and Olly that featured big, big talent.

Created by the criminally under-appreciated Liam Lynch (whom you can think of as a skinny, talented version of Jack Black) and Matt Crocco, Sifl and Olly was the bookend that closed out 90’s slacker-dom that The Higgins Boys and Grubber opened. To me, the show embodied everything that was silly, fun, and weird about the 90’s and I regard it as an ancestral precursor to Rick and Morty (currently the best show on TV!)

I have a tough time describing Sifl and Olly the show … there were a lot of songs and non-sequiturs … a lot of short gags with cheaply made puppets and purposely cheesy graphics. I stumbled onto this clip over Thanksgiving from an episode that I’d never seen. I can’t believe I never knew this song existed! I think it exemplifies what made Sifl and Olly so great. The silly indie charm that’s missing from media these days. I must have watched the clip 10 times that day and I wanted to share it with you!

(Just a heads up, this clip contains some “salty” language of the Ron Burgundy variety. Tame by today’s standards but you probably don’t want to blast it at work … if that is your lot in life …)

p.s. Researching this piece I discovered that Sifl and Olly live on at Liam Lynch’s podcast, Lynchland!

“Nothing will stand in our way”. Oh My Stars …

The final Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer dropped earlier today … and it is beyond EPIC! It’s hard to explain to kids of today what the original Star Wars trilogy meant to my generation. It was cool, exciting, thrilling, thoughtful, and cutting edge. It was Good vs. Evil on a galactic scale. Its importance to my generation cannot be overstated. To so many of us, it embodied the hope and promise of the future.

The latest trailer stirs all of those feelings. I can’t wait. :) Oh, and how great is Kylo Ren’s voice?!? Not since Tim Curry’s portrayal of “Darkness” from Ridley Scott’s Legend has there been a voice so epic! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Tim Curry laying it on thick!

Perfect Pixels …

Like the arcade concept of Pixels but rather stick needles in your eyes than watch an Adam Sandler movie? Watch this instead!

I used to watch this back in ’82 when all of today’s cool retro games were cutting edge … (Defender was the Flappy Birds of its day!)

Oh, What a Mashup, What a Lovely Mashup!

Egor Zhgun (inspired by Ryan May’s mashup posters) created this fun trailer mashing up two of my favorite things … Adventure Time & Mad Max!

I first saw this on No Film School. You should check’em out.