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Checkout my Scooby-Doo animated short!

I’m pulling the ol’ switcheroo this week and posting Fan-Fic-Fri on a Monday. I finally finished this short and I didn’t want to wait all week to post it! Can Scooby and Shaggy find the missing jewels while avoiding the creepy mummy??? Checkout the video below to find out!

Heavy Metal Mayhem!

I’m introducing a new section to the site called Fan-Fic-Fri (short for “fan fiction Fridays”). This section will contain short animations and photo comics that I create based on pop culture characters.

And the best way I can think to start off this new section is with the master of magnetism himself … Lego Magneto!

Payback’s a Brick …

I’m working on a tiny animated short. Click the pic below to checkout the teaser on Instagram in all its rack-focus glory!

Payback's a Brick

Checkout the teaser