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Give Crime The Bird

What uh … What’cha Got There?!?

Oh Brother!

B.B. encounters hulkamania for the 1st time …

Dragon Attack!!! (Sneak Peek!)

B.B. and I are playing Dungeons & Dragons in my next animated short … here’s a sneak peek!

B.B. Bottoms Compositing and Rigging Test

Howdy Folks! Just sharing a compositing and rigging test of B.B. Bottoms!

Sunny’s Day at the Spa!

Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

B.B. has something on his mind and he’s not leaving until he gets his way in this animated short! :)

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Bubble Gum Bandit!

Bubble Gum Bandit animation

The Bubble Gum Bandit strikes again! Checkout our Bubble Gum Bandit merch in the shop!

Is it Worm in Here … or is it Just Me?

We have a new friend at HQ! B.B. Bottoms goes all Obi-Wan on an unsuspecting gummy worm! If you enjoy this video, please give B.B. a like and subscribe :)!

Video, B.B. Bottoms, and TotallyRainbow logo © copyright 2016

Who Wants Some Hooch?!?

We’re looking for a new mascot here at Does “Hooch” have what it takes? Find out in my new animated short “Mascot Mayhem!”

Video © (Eric Murphy)