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Ol’ Man Logan Suits Up For One Last Ride

If you are a comic book or sci-fi fan, and if you haven’t seen it yet … do yourself a flavor and checkout Logan!
Logan - I ain't got time for Deadpool, bub!

Go see it!!! A midnight movie review …

Captain America 3 movie review

Captain America 3 is finally out in theaters in the states and not since the original Anchorman has the silver screen captured such an epic donnybrook (yeah, I went there …)! And it really did get outta hand fast. Wait a minute … Paul Rudd was in that movie too … It’s all coming together … Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, Twizzlers, and/or gallon of Coca-Cola I drank in the theater talking, but the universe is starting to make sense … The Coca-Cola isn’t talking about the Marvel Universe … It’s talking about the one we supposedly inhabit … The pieces are all falling into place … Kevin Bacon …

Batman v. Superman v. Good Taste

The last live action DC movie I genuinely like is 1980’s Superman 2. In my opinion, the Burton/Schumacher movies went from stylized-cheese to campy-garbage. The “real world” take of the “Nolanverse” is boring and mediocre. And Warner Bros. insistence on trying to make Superman dark and edgy like Batman is just plain dumb and shows that the producers don’t know/or care about the source material (big surprise, I know.)

So I had very low expectations when I heard they were making a Batman v. Superman movie. And when I saw the trailer … I really had low expectations. (And then when I saw the Captain America : Civil War trailer, I felt really bad for DC fans.)

I figured I’d still see Bats v. Supes and do a review for Totally Rainbow. I bought all of the movie tie-in Lego sets to use in the review and even posted an effects laden Lego Superman photo that I created on my Instagram account in anticipation of the movie. Sure, I thought the movie would be a watchable waste of time but I really hoped I was wrong. But after seeing the hilarious video below though … turns out I wasn’t. Ben Affleck, “KNEEL before Zod!” :)

10 Cloverfield Lane – SPOILER FREE Mini Review

It would be difficult to do an in-depth review of 10 Cloverfield Lane without major spoilers so I’m just going to do a spoiler free mini review.

10 Cloverfield Lane poses a simple question to the audience: Would you rather be trapped in a safe underground bunker with a SUPER CREEPERS John Goodman or do you think he’s lying and risk it on the surface world after a possible nuclear/chemical attack with deadly fallout and maybe zombies or aliens…? If any part of that question intrigues you, I definitely recommend this move!

Marvel’s Deathstroke/Plastic Man ripoff gets his own movie …

Deadpool Movie Review

Let me start by saying I think Deadpool sucks. At least the concept of characters like Deadpool suck. They are cheap, hacky spoofs, for lazy writers that appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Checkout the Lego Kylo Ren Preview!

I got my hands on this guy before he was supposed to go on sale! Check out the preview of the new Lego Kylo Ren figure

Happy New Year Folks (and the Bowies)!

The first calendar year of Totally Rainbow is wrapping up and it’s been a lot of fun (and a lot of work)! After a few weeks of mostly “just kickin’ it” during the holidays, I’m starting to ramp up with new content. I have a bunch of new Lego sets I’ll be reviewing and a slew of odds and ends that I’ve been holding back on.

In cool news, there was a mixup at the local Toys R’ Us and I was able to purchase three Lego Star Wars sets before they are to go officially on sale, which would be 1-1-16, so I’m working on a video review of one of the sets now and hope to have it up later tonight! (I’m waiting for the battery on my Ninja to charge while I write this).

In other great news, it’s awards season at Totally Rainbow and I’m proud to announce this year’s winners of “The Bowies” (because rain”bows” and all).

There are three categories this year:

Best Movie
Best Series (TV, or otherwise)
Best Comic (Comic Strip, Comic Book/Graphic Novel, Web Comic)

And the Winners are *cue drumroll of the mind*:

For Best Movie, the winner is Mad Max: Fury Road!
Easily the most fun I had watching a movie in forever! I loved Ant-Man, Thrilled at The Avengers, enjoyed Star Wars (the second time I saw it) but Mad Max: Fury Road is easily Movie of the year!

For Best Series (TV, or otherwise), the winner is … “the bunny is in the hutch …
” it’s Marvel’s Agents of Shield!
This was a tough one. Rick and Morty are my jam, DareDevil and Jessica Jones rocked hell’s kitchen, and no one walks with the dead like me, but Agents of Shield is so good on so many levels! If you’ve never binge watched a series, I definitely recommend A.O.S. It’s even better the second time around because there are so many little things you’ll pick up that you missed the first time around! Love it!

Winner for Best Comic (Comic Strip, Comic Book/Graphic Novel, Web Comic) is The Last Mechanical Monster by Brian Fies!
This one is very special to me for a number of reasons and I may do a separate post about this comic at a later date. The story is a continuation of an amazing Max Fleischer theatrical cartoon based on Superman. That series of cartoons has always held a special place in my heart (and was a foundation to perhaps the greatest cartoon series ever, Batman the Animated Series). The episode that The Last Mechanical Monster picks up is one of the best in the Fleischer Superman series. Basically what I’m stating is that it’s a continuation of maybe the single best super hero cartoon ever.

The story is amazing and you owe it to yourself to check it out. It’s a beautiful, brilliant work of fiction. Here’s a link to check it out:
The Last Mechanical Monster

So that’s it folks! The 2015 Bowies. Hopefully next year we’ll have a budget to do this in video.

In closing, I just wanted to thank everyone that has checked out this site, read through one of my Lego enhanced movie reviews, favorited a Totally Rainbow photo on Instagram, or watched one of my oddball videos on YouTube! There are very few folks out there that have, and it means the world to me when somebody does. So thanks so much and happy new year!!!



Checkout my first toy review!

Just in time for the Star Wars Episode 7 opening … my Lego Scooby-Doo! Mummy Museum Mystery toy review! Wait … what? There’s also a stop-motion animated short “How I Met Your Mummy” in the review as a super bonus!

After checking out the review, if you’d like to purchase Lego Scooby-Doo! Mummy Museum Mystery, please click the Amazon link below. gets the teeniest, tiniest slice of that action! :)

LEGO Scooby-Doo 75900 Mummy Museum Mystery Building Kit

Uh, Where’s the Bleepin’ Martian!?!

You know, you get promised something and pay $14.50 to see it and sit through two hours and the movie ends and you sit through the credits hoping for a post credits reveal and STILL NO MARTIAN!!!

Instead you get a remake of Marooned (without Gregory Peck or Gene Hackman, by the way) with Red Planet’s climax shoe-horned in! (Without Val Kilmer or Carrie-Anne Moss!)

This concludes my review of “The Martian”. I just saved you $14.50 and two hours of your life. You’re welcome.

Oh, by the way … NO BLEEPING MARTIAN!!!

The Last of Us gets adapted into a movie … And it’s called The Maze Runner 2 …

… That’s not totally fair, they ripped off so many movies I can’t single them out for just aping The Last of Us. There are too many ripped movies to name them all but off the top of my head there’s: