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Checkout the Lego Kylo Ren Preview!

I got my hands on this guy before he was supposed to go on sale! Check out the preview of the new Lego Kylo Ren figure

“Nothing will stand in our way”. Oh My Stars …

The final Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer dropped earlier today … and it is beyond EPIC! It’s hard to explain to kids of today what the original Star Wars trilogy meant to my generation. It was cool, exciting, thrilling, thoughtful, and cutting edge. It was Good vs. Evil on a galactic scale. Its importance to my generation cannot be overstated. To so many of us, it embodied the hope and promise of the future.

The latest trailer stirs all of those feelings. I can’t wait. :) Oh, and how great is Kylo Ren’s voice?!? Not since Tim Curry’s portrayal of “Darkness” from Ridley Scott’s Legend has there been a voice so epic! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Tim Curry laying it on thick!

Payback’s a Brick …

I’m working on a tiny animated short. Click the pic below to checkout the teaser on Instagram in all its rack-focus glory!

Payback's a Brick

Checkout the teaser

Midnight Madness!!!

12:01am and Force Friday hits the local Toys “R” Us.

It was a dark and stormtrooper-ie night… A dozen or so lost souls braved the balmy September weather and some weird guy offering everyone “storm trooper candy” to get the first crack at the new Star Wars | The Force Awakens toys.

Toys "R" Us

When 12:01 rolled around and the doors opened, we were greeted by the staff and given some nifty door prizes. (A glossy Toys “R” Us branded Kylo Ren poster, a glossy product sheet of various Star Wars toys, and a sealed storm trooper lego brick.)


Door prizes

Holy cow, there are a ton of new The Force Awakens toys! And not just your vanilla stormtrooper action figure line. I mean everything from talking animatronic Darth Vaders and Yodas to Star Wars Micro Machines! (remember them?!?)


I made a beeline to the Lego isle and picked up all of the Force Awakens sets (spoiler alert – I’ll be using the figures in my Star Wars Episode 7 movie review). Unfortunately, in my haste, I totally forgot to take a pict of the new POP display with the new mini figs and vehicles. Here’s my mess of a haul:



Within 15 minutes of the doors opening at 12:01, Force Friday force choked $404 out of my wallet! On the way out I passed by a standee that was a friendly reminder that my money was now their money.

Star Wars - Storm trooper standee

All in all, super fun night. There were a ton of cool new Star Wars toys and based on the trailers and what I saw tonight, I’m totally stoked for the movie. Be sure to check back soon or follow me on twitter (@totallyrainbow) to catch my upcoming toy reviews of the lego sets I picked up.