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Take a Peek!

My first Totally Rainbow video … Garbage Pail Kids Vinyl Figure unboxing!

Midnight Madness!!!

12:01am and Force Friday hits the local Toys “R” Us.

It was a dark and stormtrooper-ie night… A dozen or so lost souls braved the balmy September weather and some weird guy offering everyone “storm trooper candy” to get the first crack at the new Star Wars | The Force Awakens toys.

Toys "R" Us

When 12:01 rolled around and the doors opened, we were greeted by the staff and given some nifty door prizes. (A glossy Toys “R” Us branded Kylo Ren poster, a glossy product sheet of various Star Wars toys, and a sealed storm trooper lego brick.)


Door prizes

Holy cow, there are a ton of new The Force Awakens toys! And not just your vanilla stormtrooper action figure line. I mean everything from talking animatronic Darth Vaders and Yodas to Star Wars Micro Machines! (remember them?!?)


I made a beeline to the Lego isle and picked up all of the Force Awakens sets (spoiler alert – I’ll be using the figures in my Star Wars Episode 7 movie review). Unfortunately, in my haste, I totally forgot to take a pict of the new POP display with the new mini figs and vehicles. Here’s my mess of a haul:



Within 15 minutes of the doors opening at 12:01, Force Friday force choked $404 out of my wallet! On the way out I passed by a standee that was a friendly reminder that my money was now their money.

Star Wars - Storm trooper standee

All in all, super fun night. There were a ton of cool new Star Wars toys and based on the trailers and what I saw tonight, I’m totally stoked for the movie. Be sure to check back soon or follow me on twitter (@totallyrainbow) to catch my upcoming toy reviews of the lego sets I picked up.