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B.B. Bottoms Compositing and Rigging Test

Howdy Folks! Just sharing a compositing and rigging test of B.B. Bottoms!

Sunny’s Day at the Spa!

Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

B.B. has something on his mind and he’s not leaving until he gets his way in this animated short! :)

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Cats n’ Boxes … Nuff said.

One of my favorite internet series is Simon’s Cat by Simon Tofield. If you’re a cat lover, these animated shorts definitely hit home. :) I just stumbled on the video below and wanted to share it. If you aren’t familiar with the Simon’s Cat series, check it out because it’s great!

Is it Worm in Here … or is it Just Me?

We have a new friend at HQ! B.B. Bottoms goes all Obi-Wan on an unsuspecting gummy worm! If you enjoy this video, please give B.B. a like and subscribe :)!

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Batman v. Superman v. Good Taste

The last live action DC movie I genuinely like is 1980’s Superman 2. In my opinion, the Burton/Schumacher movies went from stylized-cheese to campy-garbage. The “real world” take of the “Nolanverse” is boring and mediocre. And Warner Bros. insistence on trying to make Superman dark and edgy like Batman is just plain dumb and shows that the producers don’t know/or care about the source material (big surprise, I know.)

So I had very low expectations when I heard they were making a Batman v. Superman movie. And when I saw the trailer … I really had low expectations. (And then when I saw the Captain America : Civil War trailer, I felt really bad for DC fans.)

I figured I’d still see Bats v. Supes and do a review for Totally Rainbow. I bought all of the movie tie-in Lego sets to use in the review and even posted an effects laden Lego Superman photo that I created on my Instagram account in anticipation of the movie. Sure, I thought the movie would be a watchable waste of time but I really hoped I was wrong. But after seeing the hilarious video below though … turns out I wasn’t. Ben Affleck, “KNEEL before Zod!” :)

Who Wants Some Hooch?!?

We’re looking for a new mascot here at Does “Hooch” have what it takes? Find out in my new animated short “Mascot Mayhem!”

Video © (Eric Murphy)

Checkout the Lego Kylo Ren Preview!

I got my hands on this guy before he was supposed to go on sale! Check out the preview of the new Lego Kylo Ren figure

Checkout my first toy review!

Just in time for the Star Wars Episode 7 opening … my Lego Scooby-Doo! Mummy Museum Mystery toy review! Wait … what? There’s also a stop-motion animated short “How I Met Your Mummy” in the review as a super bonus!

After checking out the review, if you’d like to purchase Lego Scooby-Doo! Mummy Museum Mystery, please click the Amazon link below. gets the teeniest, tiniest slice of that action! :)

LEGO Scooby-Doo 75900 Mummy Museum Mystery Building Kit

Hearthstone is a heck of a drug …

A couple of weeks ago I discovered the joys and pains of the highly addictive digital card game Hearthstone by the fantasy wizards at Blizzard Entertainment! From the exhilaration of winning with dragons to the bitter lows of having a Ice Block extend the game one more turn only to get your face burned off with a fireball! From the super cool, pop culture referencing V-07-TR-0N to those filthy, toxic, dirtbag, face hunters. The OP wonders of Dr. Boom and his Boom Bots and the cruel twists of fates of the RNG (that’s the Random Number Goddess to you and me.)

And the cards, all those glorious cards! I gotta get all the cards!!! I plunked down for a 40 pack in my journey to catch the metaphorical dragon. Here’s the video of me opening all 40 packs. There’s some ultra rare legendaries in there so check’em out! If you stick around till the end, you’ll even see Roy made up like Grom Hellscream!