When Hipsters Ruled the World!


I'm With Herm

Visual Jazz

Beautiful Destruction!

After Watching this, Volleyball will seem so quaint …

Rick and Morty Season 3 Preview!

I’m a huge Rick and Morty fan so I’m stoked to see this season 3 sneak peek! (Some NSFW language.)

Dragon Attack!!! (Sneak Peek!)

B.B. and I are playing Dungeons & Dragons in my next animated short … here’s a sneak peek!

B.B. Bottoms Compositing and Rigging Test

Howdy Folks! Just sharing a compositing and rigging test of B.B. Bottoms!

Sunny’s Day at the Spa!

Mystery Monday Meltdown!

What gross out horrors lurk in this Garbage Pail Kids Mystery Mini from Funko?

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